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Episode 57: One last time, a Canadian Expat in Dublin


Cadence Konopaki fell in love with Ireland when she lived there back in 2000. Fifteen years later, it called her name again.

In this final episode of the Expats, we talk about Cadence’s Ireland experience, and we also try to determine if Canadians are good ambassadors for Canada when they go out into the world.

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Episode 52: Another Canadian Expat in London

Fuller's Griffin Brewery

Emma originally moved to London for work. She started out at an HMV, when those existed. Then she got a job in publishing, met her husband, and they’ve firmly established themselves in the world city, living there with their two children. What does Emma miss about Canada? And how is she teaching kids about her home? Find out in our latest episode!

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Episode 36: A Canadian Expat Couple in Kenya

Moi Ave, Nairobi

Pierre and Deborah Boileau were bit by the travel bug early on. From casual adventure travel, to now living the expat life in Africa, they’ve seen and experienced quite a bit. And they’ve been able to have successful careers and raise a family in the process.

Find out about their experiences living in both France and Kenya!


Episode 23: A Canadian Expat in Scotland

Edinburgh Castle

Leah Cavanaugh’s academic pursuits took her to a place you’ve likely seen depicted and sometimes exaggerated on film and television. Home to warrior poets and engineering feats: Scotland.

Leah’s studying at the University of Edinburgh. And though she’s very much enjoyed her time there, she’s one of the few expats I’ve spoken with who’s eager to come home.


Episode 21: A Canadian Expat in Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland, Europe

Sometimes, you have a shitty day at work, so you sell all your belongings and move to Switzerland. That’s a somewhat accurate description of Tatiana Warkentin’s expat experience… sort of. Tatiana shares her four and a half year-long experience living in Bern, Switzerland with her husband.

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Episode 18: A Canadian Expat in New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

Jana Makar and her husband decided to leave their lives in Calgary, Alberta to experience life as Expats. They landed in New Zealand, and after a bit of a bumpy start got settled.

It’s been three years in Auckland for the couple, and it wasn’t supposed to be. I think it’s fair to say they’re enjoying their time in what is apparently the least corrupt place on earth.


Episode 17: A Canadian Expat in Milan

Milan 6

Milan is the global centre of fashion. You don’t walk into a grocery store in Milan wearing sweatpants, unless you want to invite dirty looks. Marissa Janzen learned some of those lessons the hard way. She and her husband lived in Milan for two years, and are now living in Victoria, BC.

Marissa unpacks her experiences there, and shares some of her insights into the Italian people in this episode.


Episode 15: A Canadian Expat in Sweden


Umeå, Sweden is a university city in the country’s north. For eight months, it’s been home to Canadian expat Morgan Fawcett, who moved there to live with her partner. I spoke with Morgan a few weeks ago about her experiences living in Sweden, and how it was love, ultimately, that brought her there.

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Episode 13: A Canadian Expat in Brazil

Curitiba skyline

When Sarah Parsons was given the choice to relocate to Calgary for her job or to try out an expat assignment, she chose the latter. No offense to Calgary, of course, but it just isn’t the same as Curitiba, Brazil.

The Parsons made the leap three years ago, and have already extended their stay once. Find out what it is about this city of 1.8 million residents that keep Sarah and her family so interested.

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Recognition for the Expats

It’s been just over a month since I launched this podcast, sort of on a whim. I wanted to tell the stories of Canadians living abroad — share their experiences, and talk about the things they miss about Canada and what they love about their new homes. I’d actually thought about this topic extensively for over two years, but it took a meeting with my dear friend Karen Unland to realize that sitting on the concept wasn’t serving anyone.

So I launched…


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And goofy, sloppy kisses to Karen for helping to extend the reach of, and promote my fledgling podcast.

What’s next?

I created and published my first episode in June, but didn’t start promoting the show until July. And in just one month of promotion, you’ve downloaded the Expats almost 1,000 times. For a completely unknown show to get that kind of pick-up in so short a time, in my experience, is highly unusual.

Thanks so much, and I look forward to delivering more and more episodes to you. Remember, if you know of any Expats I should get in touch with, please contact me. And let’s create this global network of Canadians living abroad.