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Episode 53: A Canadian Expat in Denmark


Stephanie Rahbek Simonsen agreed to move to Denmark with her husband, thinking she’d have a few months to get used to the idea. Her husband found a job in Copenhagen inside of a month. Months later, Stephanie joined him.

This episode, listen to a Canadian Expat in Copenhagen talk about how foreigners are regarded, Danish cuisine, and advice on whether or not shopping for clothes in Denmark is good for your body image.

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The Expats will conclude in April with a two-part series finale.


Episode 49: A Canadian Expat in Lincoln, UK

Empowerment Sculpture - Lincoln UK

A French-Canadian women met her love on the internet, and wouldn’t allow an ocean to separate them. Now she’s in Lincoln, in the process of renewing her Visa, and living through the bureaucracy of Brexit, while she misses her beloved maple syrup, and, of course, her family.

Listen in on the life of a French translator as she learns the ways of the English!

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Episode 48: A Canadian Expat in Chile (through China)

Santiago de Chile at night

Heather Morrow lost her job in oil & gas when Alberta’s economy tanked. But she didn’t take it lying down: she decided it was exactly what she needed to begin an expat adventure that’s taken her through China all the way to Santiago, Chile.

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Episode 39: A Canadian Expat in Spain


Jane Morrison’s seen many parts of the world. But in pursuit of her PhD, and partly because her partner was pursuing his education in Barcelona, Spain, she decided to do the same. Learn about her adventures so far, and some of the perhaps familiar challenges of living in a part of the world where cultural perseveration is paramount.


REBROADCAST: A Canadian Expat Turning Japanese

A photo of the Hakone Shrine. Photo by Ana Alcantara

Ana Alcantara was my second ever guest, and she was very generous with her time, and the stories she shared about her life in Japan. I know there are quite a few new listeners out there, so this is a little throwback for the Christmas break — find out about Ana’s life in Japan and how her journey has allowed her to learn about herself, and to build a family of great friends in the Land of the Rising Sun.

We’ll be back with brand new content on January 15th. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Image of the Hakone Shrine by Ana Alcantara.


Episode 31: A Canadian Expat in Beijing


Maria Tran’s been living the Expat life for almost her whole career. As the principal at an international school in Beijing — which the former Edmontonian arrived at by way of New Brunswick, of all places — she sees a few different sides of life in the massive Chinese city.

Find out about challenges with the internet, cab drivers, and what the life of a Canadian teacher is like in one of the biggest cities on Earth.


Episode 28: A Canadian Expat in Bavaria

Erlangen City Center

They say to really know someone you should walk a mile in their shoes. But Scott Kosman says you should walk a kilometer in their Adidas. I mean, he doesn’t say that, but he should. Listen to this episode about Scott’s expat life in Erlangen, Germany, and you’ll start to understand what Adidas have anything to do with this. And we don’t even really talk about food!

Thanks to Ambassador Humantorch for sharing his experiences!

Image by Euro Slice on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.


Episode 26: A Canadian Expat in Morocco


Until I met Emily Mattingsley, I never thought of Morocco as a surf destination. But that’s one of the things that lured this Canadian teacher to the North African Country. Emily tells me about her experiences in Morocco which includes warm people, unbelievable food, and even a little bit of street harassment.

Please forgive some of the audio glitches this episode. We did our best to smooth them over. Thanks for listening!


Episode 24: A Canadian Expat in Provence


Ashley Tinker, an anglophone Montrealer, found love in Western Europe. But though she met her partner in Italy, the region of Provence would be where they settled down together. Find out about the differences between life in Paris, from our 19th episode, and life here in the French countryside.

Also, you should check out Ashley’s blog, Curious Provence.

Image by François Philipp. Used under creative commons licence.


Episode 20: A Canadian Expat in Athens Georgia

Athens, Georgia

Doug Hoyer is a Canadian musician from Alberta. When his wife found an opportunity to continue her studies in urban wildlife, they pulled up the stakes and made their way south, to the great state of Georgia.

Doug’s been finding his way in this new town, and like so many before him, he’s noticing it’s the little differences that are most apparent.

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