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Episode 41: The Expats at Northwest Fest


A few weeks ago, host Adam Rozenhart led a panel discussion about technology in podcasting. We were given the audio recording of that session, which also included Samantha Power and Lauren Albrecht.

The panel talked about the podcast length, what makes a good podcast and also share some of the things they’re working on. We hope you enjoy!


Episode 31: A Canadian Expat in Beijing


Maria Tran’s been living the Expat life for almost her whole career. As the principal at an international school in Beijing — which the former Edmontonian arrived at by way of New Brunswick, of all places — she sees a few different sides of life in the massive Chinese city.

Find out about challenges with the internet, cab drivers, and what the life of a Canadian teacher is like in one of the biggest cities on Earth.


Episode 7: A Canadian Expat in Mexico City

¿Oootra vez?

Two months or so ago, when his work world shifted dramatically, Graeme Kishiuchi and his family found themselves with some decisions to make: continue on in Canada, or make a go of it down Mexico Way. Since this show’s all about expatriates, you can imagine the choice they made.

When the Kishiuchis were given the opportunity through work to go down and live in Mexico City for at least a few years, they hit the Google machine, did some research and decided it would be an interesting experience. Only a few months into their time there, and Graeme has already discovered the great things Mexico has to offer.

I hope you enjoy this episode. If you do, please do me a favour and leave us a rating and review on iTunes. And help spread these stories around the world!

Image by Eneas De Troya on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.


Recognition for the Expats

It’s been just over a month since I launched this podcast, sort of on a whim. I wanted to tell the stories of Canadians living abroad — share their experiences, and talk about the things they miss about Canada and what they love about their new homes. I’d actually thought about this topic extensively for over two years, but it took a meeting with my dear friend Karen Unland to realize that sitting on the concept wasn’t serving anyone.

So I launched…


Look ma! I’m on iTunes!

Thanks to everyone who’s listened/subscribed to the show and rated and reviewed it on iTunes (and hey, if you haven’t done that yet, would you kindly?). It’s because of you that the Expats appeared in iTunes’ “New & Noteworthy” section!

Big thanks to both CBC Eyeopener in Calgary and CBC Edmonton AM here in Edmonton for interviewing me this week about the podcast (listen to the interview I did with host Mark Connolly). Doug Dirks and Mark were gracious for letting me spend time with them over the public airwaves.

And goofy, sloppy kisses to Karen for helping to extend the reach of, and promote my fledgling podcast.

What’s next?

I created and published my first episode in June, but didn’t start promoting the show until July. And in just one month of promotion, you’ve downloaded the Expats almost 1,000 times. For a completely unknown show to get that kind of pick-up in so short a time, in my experience, is highly unusual.

Thanks so much, and I look forward to delivering more and more episodes to you. Remember, if you know of any Expats I should get in touch with, please contact me. And let’s create this global network of Canadians living abroad.


Episode 4: A Canadian Expat in Northern Ireland


Colm Heaney spent much of his childhood bouncing between Canada and Northern Ireland — where his father is from. When it came to making the leap to living in Belfast some 14 years ago, a plethora of cousins and family made for a relatively soft landing.

IMG_3842Colm’s been there since 2001, raising two children with his wife, and working at the Irish Bureau for the Daily Mirror.

I caught up with Colm on a cool Belfast evening — and a hot Edmonton day — to learn more about life on the Emerald Isle.

Image of the River Lagan in Belfast by Jonathan Mckee. Used under Creative Commons License. Image of Colm and his son by Colm Heaney. Used with permission.