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Episode 54: A Canadian Expat in East Africa

Scenic view from Kigali City Tower

Melissa MacKay earned her law degree and got a job as a human rights lawyer. This provided her the opportunity to visit Africa, and spend time in a few different countries there — some for work, and some for vacation. This episode she shares her experiences there on food, the beautiful landscape and the welcoming people she met.

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Episode 42: A Canadian Expat in Berlin

BerlinBerlin is one of the world’s great capitals, with a storied history — not all of it good. And it’s there that Canadian expat Andrea Babic is writing her own story: one of cross-continental love. She’s moved to Berlin to live with her partner, himself a German native. But, as Andrea reveals, it’s not always easy to pull up the stakes of your life for someone you love.


Episode 39: A Canadian Expat in Spain


Jane Morrison’s seen many parts of the world. But in pursuit of her PhD, and partly because her partner was pursuing his education in Barcelona, Spain, she decided to do the same. Learn about her adventures so far, and some of the perhaps familiar challenges of living in a part of the world where cultural perseveration is paramount.


Episode 38: A Canadian Expat in South Korea


Arlo Matisz made a quick decision: he planned to live abroad. Not a week later, he was on a plane to South Korea. When he arrived, he made his way to the nearest bar, bought a round of drinks, and made friends with another friendly Canadian, a man named Michael Simning. That chance meeting has had a massive impact on Arlo, and that impact continues even following Michael’s passing after a long and brave fight with cancer.

Find out more about Arlo’s life in South Korea from the Gwangju Blog.

Learn more about Micheal Simning’s legacy and impact on South Korea here:


Episode 29: A Canadian Expat in the Maldives

Maldives in the morning (Constance Halaveli Resort & Spa)

Imagine living on an island the foundations of which are millions of living and dead organisms. That’s a little hint of what it’s like to live in the Maldives.

Learn about Lara Hill’s experiences on the atolls and getting stranded alone on New Years Day!

For those looking for a similar experience, Lara recommends you look into applying for a UN experience through UNA-Canada’s IDDIP program: www.unac.org


Episode 28: A Canadian Expat in Bavaria

Erlangen City Center

They say to really know someone you should walk a mile in their shoes. But Scott Kosman says you should walk a kilometer in their Adidas. I mean, he doesn’t say that, but he should. Listen to this episode about Scott’s expat life in Erlangen, Germany, and you’ll start to understand what Adidas have anything to do with this. And we don’t even really talk about food!

Thanks to Ambassador Humantorch for sharing his experiences!

Image by Euro Slice on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.