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Episode 38: A Canadian Expat in South Korea


Arlo Matisz made a quick decision: he planned to live abroad. Not a week later, he was on a plane to South Korea. When he arrived, he made his way to the nearest bar, bought a round of drinks, and made friends with another friendly Canadian, a man named Michael Simning. That chance meeting has had a massive impact on Arlo, and that impact continues even following Michael’s passing after a long and brave fight with cancer.

Find out more about Arlo’s life in South Korea from the Gwangju Blog.

Learn more about Micheal Simning’s legacy and impact on South Korea here:


Episode 37: A Canadian Expat in Turkey


Chris Mitchell is no stranger to the expat lifestyle. He’s an experienced traveler, and lately he’s hanging his hat in Istanbul, Turkey. In this episode, Chris shared his experiences around culture, food and the amazing travel opportunities within Turkey.

Check out Chris’s travel blog — after you’ve listened to this episode, of course. He recently launch a new podcast called Into Istanbul. You can check out the first episode on his website.

You can also follow Chris on Twitter @travelingmitch.


Episode 36: A Canadian Expat Couple in Kenya

Moi Ave, Nairobi

Pierre and Deborah Boileau were bit by the travel bug early on. From casual adventure travel, to now living the expat life in Africa, they’ve seen and experienced quite a bit. And they’ve been able to have successful careers and raise a family in the process.

Find out about their experiences living in both France and Kenya!


Episode 35: A Canadian Expat in Egypt

Owen Murray is a world-travelling photographer who’s spent a lot of his adult life travelling. We caught up with him in Luxor, Egypt and spoke to him about the value of travel, what it means to be Canadian, and that sometimes the Canadian impulse to say “Sorry” is a great entrée to conversations in foreign lands.


Episode 34: A Canadian Expat in Belgium

Antwerp Skyline
Sometimes, you’re messing around on the internet, and you start chatting with a random stranger. Before you know it, you’ve fallen in love. That’s more or less what happened to Jaimee Bell. And when the long distance was deflating her spirit and draining her bank account, she knew it was time to move to Antwerp to be with her beloved.

You can find out more about Jaimee’s life abroad on her blog Travel Pray Love.


REBROADCAST: A Canadian Expat Turning Japanese

A photo of the Hakone Shrine. Photo by Ana Alcantara

Ana Alcantara was my second ever guest, and she was very generous with her time, and the stories she shared about her life in Japan. I know there are quite a few new listeners out there, so this is a little throwback for the Christmas break — find out about Ana’s life in Japan and how her journey has allowed her to learn about herself, and to build a family of great friends in the Land of the Rising Sun.

We’ll be back with brand new content on January 15th. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Image of the Hakone Shrine by Ana Alcantara.


Episode 33: A Canadian Expat in the Congo

Boulevard du General Charles de Gaulle

Lisa Stadnyk-Webb left Canada as a trailing spouse, giving up a job she enjoyed to begin an expat adventure in France. It’s taken her to many interesting places — most recently The Congo. Find out about her experiences living abroad with two young kids. You can read about Lisa’s adventures on her blog


Episode 32: A Canadian Expat in Qatar

Doha skyline in the morning

Ali Ahmad’s parents immigrated to Canada from Pakistan. He was born and raised in Canada, and after finishing his education at home, Ali’s now living the Expat life with his wife and their children in Doha, Qatar. Find out in this episode about the transition from Canada to Qatar, and learn about some of the things that Ali misses about Canada (spoiler: shoveling snow is not one of those things).


Episode 31: A Canadian Expat in Beijing


Maria Tran’s been living the Expat life for almost her whole career. As the principal at an international school in Beijing — which the former Edmontonian arrived at by way of New Brunswick, of all places — she sees a few different sides of life in the massive Chinese city.

Find out about challenges with the internet, cab drivers, and what the life of a Canadian teacher is like in one of the biggest cities on Earth.


Episode 30: An American Expat in Toronto

US Canada border

Kevin Bracken, the creator of What’s Different in Canada, knows quite a bit about the differences between the Great White North and the Home of the Brave. He’s been a passionate student of Canada, and as a young progressive coming of age in the era of George W Bush, he decided to make his home here.

This episode, I speak with Kevin about the US election, and the appetite from some Americans to move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected President. We also talk about Kevin’s new book, which is currently available as a free download. Grab a copy from!