Author: Adam Rozenhart

Episode 45: A Canadian Expat Family crisscrosses the globe


I so enjoyed talking with one Canadian couple about the “gap” six months they took off with their two children, that I was eager to talk to Ted Buracas about the year he, his wife, and their daughter took off to crisscross the globe. It’s a charmed life they lead, and I wanted all the details. Teddy was fun to chat with, and shared a lot of insights and wisdom as well.

Make sure you check out Teddy’s blog, and make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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Episode 44: A Canadian Expat Family in Central and South America [Part 2]


In the last episode, Jocelyn and Mike talked about all the planning that went into the 6-month sojourn in Central and South America. This episode, we get into some of the nitty-gritty of their travels: where they stayed, what countries they visited, the people they met — and perhaps more importantly — what kind of wildlife they saw.

The family is back in Canada now adjusting to their lives at home. But they (well, at least one of them) are already contemplating their next journey.

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Episode 43: A Canadian Expat Family in Central and South America [Part 1]

travel luggage

Welcome to a new season of the Expats! This is Part One of Two in my conversation with Canadians Mike and Jocelyn. At the start of 2017, they rented out their house, enrolled their two children in online school, and took off six months from their lives to explore Central and South America. While this isn’t exactly a “traditional” expat experience like the ones we’ve typically examined, it was still a story we really wanted to hear.

This first episode takes us through all the things this Canadian family of four needed to do to get ready for their trip. What to do with their apiary? Who to leave their dog with? How to pack strategically? And exactly how much LEGO to bring? We discuss all of it!

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A Hiatus: The Expats on Summer Break

Gone fishing

You heard it here first: the Expats is taking the next few months off to enjoy the summer, and bank some more interviews. If you know any expats we should be speaking with, have them email or send an email yourself.

See you in September!


Episode 42: A Canadian Expat in Berlin

BerlinBerlin is one of the world’s great capitals, with a storied history — not all of it good. And it’s there that Canadian expat Andrea Babic is writing her own story: one of cross-continental love. She’s moved to Berlin to live with her partner, himself a German native. But, as Andrea reveals, it’s not always easy to pull up the stakes of your life for someone you love.


Episode 41: The Expats at Northwest Fest


A few weeks ago, host Adam Rozenhart led a panel discussion about technology in podcasting. We were given the audio recording of that session, which also included Samantha Power and Lauren Albrecht.

The panel talked about the podcast length, what makes a good podcast and also share some of the things they’re working on. We hope you enjoy!


Episode 40: A Canadian Expat in Bath

The Baths - Bath

Around 60 AD, the Romans built Bath in what is now the United Kingdom. Ancient Bath was a Roman spa. Now it’s a small town of about 80,000 living just west of London.

It’s also the site of Solsbury Hill, a small flat hill that was once home to an Iron Age fort and a Peter Gabriel song. In fact, Bath is also home to Peter Gabriel!

And a Canadian named Emma Hooper, who’s been there for 12 years since she moved to do her Masters. With no plans to leave Bath anytime soon, Emma talks about her fondness for the city and its residents. And she notes one particular breakfast item she misses that she can only get in Canada — and has said item shipped to her at great expense.


REBROADCAST: A Canadian Expat in Dubai

Dubai by night

It took me a long time to go from the idea of this podcast to the first episode. I’m glad that when I finally did decide to pull the trigger on the Expats, I had a good friend (and fellow podcaster) living in a very interesting part of the world. I hope you enjoy this encore presentation of Expats Episode One.

Iris Dias had the opportunity to leave Canada in 2013 to pursue her career in Dubai. It seems like something that would be very difficult to say no to. So Iris took the easy way out: she said yes to the United Arab Emirates.

Find out about her experiences trying to become the Sultan of Swing in Dubai!


Episode 39: A Canadian Expat in Spain


Jane Morrison’s seen many parts of the world. But in pursuit of her PhD, and partly because her partner was pursuing his education in Barcelona, Spain, she decided to do the same. Learn about her adventures so far, and some of the perhaps familiar challenges of living in a part of the world where cultural perseveration is paramount.


Episode 38: A Canadian Expat in South Korea


Arlo Matisz made a quick decision: he planned to live abroad. Not a week later, he was on a plane to South Korea. When he arrived, he made his way to the nearest bar, bought a round of drinks, and made friends with another friendly Canadian, a man named Michael Simning. That chance meeting has had a massive impact on Arlo, and that impact continues even following Michael’s passing after a long and brave fight with cancer.

Find out more about Arlo’s life in South Korea from the Gwangju Blog.

Learn more about Micheal Simning’s legacy and impact on South Korea here: