Monthly Archive: November 2016

Episode 31: A Canadian Expat in Beijing


Maria Tran’s been living the Expat life for almost her whole career. As the principal at an international school in Beijing — which the former Edmontonian arrived at by way of New Brunswick, of all places — she sees a few different sides of life in the massive Chinese city.

Find out about challenges with the internet, cab drivers, and what the life of a Canadian teacherĀ is like in one of the biggest cities on Earth.


Episode 30: An American Expat in Toronto

US Canada border

Kevin Bracken, the creator of What’s Different in Canada, knows quite a bit about the differences between the Great White North and the Home of the Brave. He’s been a passionate student of Canada, and as a young progressive coming of age in the era of George W Bush, he decided to make his home here.

This episode, I speak with Kevin about the US election, and the appetite from some Americans to move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected President. We also talk about Kevin’s new book, which is currently available as a free download. Grab a copy from!