Monthly Archive: December 2015

Episode 16: A Canadian Expat in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles IS what’s happening. At least, that’s what I’d assume. In speaking with former Calgarian Levi MacDougall this week, it’s clear that LA has its pros and its cons.

Join me as I chat with this comedy writer from Canada about his experiences in the City of Angels. And if you enjoy the episode, leave a comment on our website or a rating on iTunes.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Episode 15: A Canadian Expat in Sweden


Umeå, Sweden is a university city in the country’s north. For eight months, it’s been home to Canadian expat Morgan Fawcett, who moved there to live with her partner. I spoke with Morgan a few weeks ago about her experiences living in Sweden, and how it was love, ultimately, that brought her there.

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Episode 14: A Canadian Expat in Taiwan

Taipei 101 during sunset

Taiwan is tiny, but its population is huge, for its size — certainly from a Canadian’s perspective. And given its population, maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising that it’s home to the greatest density of 7-11s anywhere on the planet.

It’s also where we find expat Marc Checknita living and working as a teacher. He’s been in Asia for awhile now.

Listen to find out more about Marc’s experiences.

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