Monthly Archive: July 2015

Episode 4: A Canadian Expat in Northern Ireland


Colm Heaney spent much of his childhood bouncing between Canada and Northern Ireland — where his father is from. When it came to making the leap to living in Belfast some 14 years ago, a plethora of cousins and family made for a relatively soft landing.

IMG_3842Colm’s been there since 2001, raising two children with his wife, and working at the Irish Bureau for the Daily Mirror.

I caught up with Colm on a cool Belfast evening — and a hot Edmonton day — to learn more about life on the Emerald Isle.

Image of the River Lagan in Belfast by Jonathan Mckee. Used under Creative Commons License. Image of Colm and his son by Colm Heaney. Used with permission.


Episode 3: A Canadian Expat Couple Down Under


Australia — a Commonwealth like Canada… in that it’s a Commonwealth Nation. This episode, I spoke with Phil Paschke and Wade Kelly about their experience since moving to Wagga Wagga NSW in Fall 2014 (Canada’s Fall — Australia’s Spring).

Image of the view from Wade’s Office by Wade Kelly.


Episode 2: A Canadian Expat Turning Japanese

A photo of the Hakone Shrine. Photo by Ana Alcantara

After a one-year exchange in Japan during university, Ana Alcantara knew she’d be moving back there to live permanently. She now lives in a place just a few hours’ train ride from Tokyo.

Find out more about Ana’s life in Japan and how her journey has allowed her to learn about herself, and to build a family of great friends in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Image of the Hakone Shrine by Ana Alcantara.